Intro to Robotics ( Gr 3-5): Summer camp w/o June 24 @PLCC

Programs Intro to Robotics ( Gr 3-5): Summer camp w/o June 24 @PLCC
Start Date 2024-06-24 07:00:00
End Date 2024-06-28 07:00:00
Time 9:00am - 12:00 am
Grade 3 -5
Day Mon - Fri
Seats 8
Fee 475

Location : Pine Lake Community Club, Sammamish WA

Welcome to our Robotics with Lego Spike summer camp for beginner-level students!

This camp is designed to introduce your child to the world of robotics, using the popular Lego Spike platform. Your child will learn how to build and program their own robots, using sensors and motors to bring their creations to life.

During this summer camp, your child will learn the basics of robotics, including building and programming their own robots using the Lego Spike platform. They will also have the opportunity to work on individual and collaborative projects, including creating and programming robots to complete specific tasks and challenges.

In addition to robotics, our camp will also include interactive and hands-on activities to help develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and teamwork. We will also provide opportunities for students to showcase their projects and receive feedback from their peers.

No prior robotics or programming experience is required for this camp, and all necessary tools and materials will be provided. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to creating a fun and engaging learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery.

We look forward to seeing your child at our Robotics with Lego Spike summer camp!