7 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Learn Java

Why every kid should learn coding.

While we often associate coding with IT, 50% of coding jobs are outside of IT. Jobs such as interior designers, medical professionals, and business executives all use coding in various ways. Programing is used to make mundane tasks easier and make difficult jobs easier. Every kid should be given the opportunity to learn coding. Learning coding is beneficial for kids because it helps develop motor skills, provides an advantage, is fun, it helps them better understand the world, and is in high demand.

Coding develops basic motor skills and increases familiarity with technology

Learning to code at a young age develops basic motor skills and helps children gain familiar with technology. In the current age, technology is an integral part of our lives. Introducing kids with coding at an earlier age makes it easier to learning coding becomes easier as they have been exposed to tech. By learning coding and making mistakes, kids further develop persistence and problem-solving skills. But how does this help them in the real world? In any setting whether it be a classroom, sports team, or activity kids use problem-solving every day. By being more persistent, kids can solve tougher problems and can develop better solutions to problems. Often in coding, the first solution is not the right one. By trying again and again, coders can find the most optimal solution to solve a problem.

Coding improves collaboration and communication skills

In coding, a common tactic for developing motor skills is pair coding. In pair coding, kids work in groups of 2 with a driver and navigator. The driver is in charge of typing each line of code and executing the code. The navigator reviews the code and thinks ahead as well as solves errors in the code. This coding technique helps kids learn communication and collaboration with peers who agree and disagree with them. Communication and collaboration are skills not only used by kids but also used by adults in all jobs. By learning coding skills early on in life, kids will benefit later in life in college and finding a job.

Coding helps prepare kids for the future

Jobs in the world today are vastly different from the 20th century. 50 years ago, much of the population had jobs in industries and agriculture. However, today we have machines and technology that have replaced jobs. Introducing a child to these technology ways early on will ensure they incorporate it in their future years easily.

Coding allows kids to have fun while learning important skills

Coding is also fun for kids to learn. Many of them nowadays prefer to play video games, online games, or mobile games to board games and card games. Often parents prefer their child play board games over online games as it makes kids utilize thinking skills. However, kids can make board games and card games accessible online by coding them. By making a game online and sharing it, kids can play with anybody across the world. Coding also allows kids to make their own games. Various languages such as scratch, python, and java allow kids to make their own games This allows kids to develop a sense of creativity and uniqueness and apply it to coding.

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Coding helps with school learning

Coding can also develop skills that help kids with schoolwork. By being a coder, you are already gaining communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. But it can also help with school subjects. Many coding languages include basic arithmetic and math formulas. By learning more syntax, kids can develop mathematical skills. Coding also requires creativity and originality, which can help improve writing skills early on. Coding also helps develop logical skills and requires optimal solutions, which can help kids in any problem situation. Learning various coding languages is very similar to learning a new spoken language. While coding can help develop motor skills, it is also useful for developing school-related skills.

Successful coding boosts self-esteem and confidence

Using coding to complete task effectively and efficiently will boost your child’s self-esteem. Most of the time in coding, the code will not successfully run or respond. Understanding how to debug their own program provides the child with a sense of patience. Once they have successfully created a program, they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Coding helps in all aspects of life

By learning coding at a young age, kids develop motor skills, provides an advantage and is fun, it helps kids better understand the world, and is in high demand. The skills that coding can help develop can help kids in all aspects of life. They learn how to effectively collaborate and communicate with peers whose opinion differs from their own. They gain confidence and self-esteem through their various accomplishments. They learn to persevere through problem and find the most optimal solution. They learn to use their creativity and they develop their school-wok skills.

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