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Fun Kid-Friendly Winter-Break Activities During Pandemic

Children get bored easily and in winter, the long gloomy weather adds to the sulked mood. During the winter break, what kids need are fun engaging activities that will keep them occupied and uplift their mood. This will give you some time for self-care or complete the list of chores without interruptions. Techno Smart Kids has collated activities that will instantly warm up cold, gray days.

Create a storybook

Kids have a wild imagination, so why jot down these tales in a book. It will be a treasure too, something to reminisce about when they leave the nest. Rummage up all the colorful stationary in the house – pens, papers, pencils, glitter, glue, and other knick-knacks. Give them creative freedom to develop their story of adventures and thrill with the imaginary characters and create their colorful storybook. You never know, the storybook can be published too.

Renovate their room for the holidays

Allow your children to transform their room for the holiday season. Let the festive colors extend to their bedroom. You can suggest ideas to create snowflakes for the room, string together lights or set up a small Christmas tree. Hang up homemade wreaths at the window, stockings from the bedpost and handcrafted streams to brighten up the mood and boost the creativity. Personalizing their room will give them the sense of ownership to take care of it.

Get creative with coding

Yes, coding is not just for IT professionals, but it is now developed for children. They can pick up various computer languages such as python, scratch, JAVA, and Roblox. These languages can be used to develop games, after all kids love online gaming. Now they can design, create, and play their own games on dark, gloomy winter days. Check out fun and interactive coding camps and classes for your child. In addition to being fun, coding teaches them mathematics and fosters creativity.

Paint the snow

If you experience snow, then your kids will love this idea. In a few squeeze bottles, mix together water and food color and bundle them up. Their canvas is snow white and abundantly covering the ground. This non-toxic fun encourages the kids to adapt to a new canvas to showcase their creative minds. Also, painting the snow is mess-free and simply melts away. It is an experience that the kids will enjoy outdoor and you can enjoy the time indoors.

Camp in for the day

Tap your childhood self and remember the fun times of building a tent at home or a fort of pillows? Recreate these moments with your children. Join them to set up the tent or fortress and fill it up books, games, and toys. It will be a while before the kids rise from their enclave foraging for food and water. Winter months are long, cold, and glum, but it can be fun and warm indoors. These winter-break activities will keep your kids occupied so you can sit back relax.

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