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Benefits of Learning Roblox

Roblox is one of the most popular video games among children, and it is still growing fast. At first glance many parents do not see videogames as educational, but the role of videogames in the education industry has changed dramatically, especially in the case of Roblox. In Roblox, kids not only play games, but also make them using coding and learn a variety of other skills along the way.

Roblox Teaches Creativity

It is no secret kids have a wild imagination, and Roblox is the perfect platform to let kids bring their imagination to life. Unlike many other kids’ 2D coding platforms, in Roblox, kids bring their ideas strait to 3D. Roblox allows kids to work in an open-world environment where they can make their own “worlds” and even publish games for other users to play. Furthermore, many pro game designers said that the freedom Roblox gave them inspired them to become game designers.

Roblox has an additional software, Roblox studio, which dramatically changes how much freedom and control the user has over their creation. It allows kids to increase how quickly and easily they can make their game. It really allows kids to let their creativity run wild!

Roblox Teaches Leadership and Teamwork skills

JSince Roblox is structured as an open-world game interacting with other users is part of playing no matter what game you play. In the game, players work with each other to complete their goals and even make great on-line friendships from bonding over working together in Roblox.

Additionally, many times kids form teams to complete games, and while doing this they learn important teamwork skills.

Lots of these skills also are learned by making games in Roblox. When making games with their friends, kids learn teamwork and become leaders by completing/assigning tasks and learning how to work with each kid’s talents.

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Roblox Teaches Coding

As we said earlier, one of the things that makes Roblox such a good educational tool is that it teaches coding. Coding with Roblox is simple and great for beginners. It uses a specific version of the Lua coding language in Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio lets kids build their world using visual building tools; as they explore with Roblox Studio, and gain experience they will start to use code to do certain functions. Before you know it, they will be writing line after line of code!

Furthermore, in the world we live in now learning coding can be very beneficial. It is a pathway to hundreds of careers at thousands of companies. Furthermore, starting early will make it easier to advance their skills as they get older!

Roblox Teaches Computer Skills

Not all children want to code; nonetheless, learning computer skills is necessary to succeed in the world. Roblox teaches these skills too, whether it be typing or getting familiar with online art software. All in all, at the minimum kids using Roblox will get familiar with technology which is crucial for their future.

Roblox Teaches Logic

Logic comes hand in hand with coding and Roblox is no exception. As the creator tests their game, they will have to use logic to figure out how to express their ideas through code.

However, logic is not just learned though coding in Roblox: it can be learnt by playing as well. Logic, problem solving, and thinking outside the box is needed to complete many games on Roblox. Lots of games involve puzzles or other components involving logical thinking.

Roblox Teaches Math

Just like logic, coding and math goes hand in hand as well. Many kids find learning math in an academic environment dull but using it in game making is engaging and provides them with an opportunity to apply math concepts they learned in school. Even though Roblox isn’t made to specifically teach math, the beauty of Roblox is the freedom the creator has. If you want to make a game using more math, you can!

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