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8 Signs Your Child Needs an Online Math Tutor

There is nobody at home for educational support

Whether your child does not like math or attends a competitive school, your child may not be at the top of their math level. If your child is not able to keep up with math, it may be time to get a math tutor. With a math tutor, your child’s level of math will only increase, and you won’t have to re-learn 6th grade math to teach them! Allowing the experts in math to teach your child will help them learn more. You can be supportive in other ways such as providing healthy snacks to boost their brain.

Your child is going ahead of math taught in class

If your child zips through their homework faster than they clean their room, they are probably excelling in math class. A tutor is not only for kids struggling but can also help boost any child’s skills and knowledge. By exposing your child to more advanced math concepts, they can get ahead of the game and prepare for more challenging math to come. This helps with overall confidence and can prevent your child from becoming bored with schoolwork.

You would be uncomfortable with an in-person math tutor

Private tutors are not only expensive but require you to make time in your busy schedule. If your child gets tutored at home you need a designated clean, quiet area of the house for them to work. Instead of this, you can easily choose an online tutor through a simple google search. This way your child can get help whenever they are available. By enrolling in an online math app your child gets the same instructions from qualified individuals-remotely.

Your family has a busy schedule

If you choose to go to a tutoring center, you still have to book time for the session and traveling time. If the only time available is during rush hour or at dinner time, your whole schedule will get messed up. Instead, by signing up for online math, your child can practice wherever and whenever they want, if there’s Wi-Fi. They also have access to multiple sources such as worksheets, videos, and word problems. Unlike private tutoring, your child can access these sources multiple times of the week and get the help they need.

Your child is far in math and things do not make sense for them

While all math falls under one category, some concepts are vastly different from others. Your child may succeed in the algebra section of math, but struggle with geometry. By having a tutor, they have access to one on one assistance and can further their skills with the basics. By having a strong foundation, they can then build on that as they learn harder math concepts.

Your child is addicted to their device

When it comes to using electronics, kids are naturals and know their way around many apps. By allowing them to learn online, you are helping them have fun and learn at the same time. Online learning apps have prizes, levels, and offer a hands-on experience to keep your child from getting bored.

Your child needs help but will not admit it

Your child likes succeeding in life and will often hesitate to ask for help in an area where they are weak. By getting a tutor, your child can make mistakes and ask for help without pressure from a teacher or other peers. This feeling of confidence can help them better understand concepts and connect more with math. While teachers try to grade fast, online apps and tutors offer immediate results and feedback to help fix mistakes.

Your child has a unique learning style

All children learn differently and grasp some concepts more than others. To allow them to learn, it’s important to help them with a method they understand. Some kids connect more with visuals and some more with audios. In class, teachers often have a hard time identifying this as there are 20 other kids. Finding a tutor to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses will help build a plan tailored for their learning process.

How to find a tutor

The main thing to consider with a tutor is to choose someone who will help with your child’s needs and will teach to their style. Without this, a tutor might not be beneficial for your child at all. Finding the correct app for your child is also crucial. Let your child experiment with different online tutors to find one that helps them the most. When finding an app make sure it progressively gets harder and is not just repeating questions. Repetition will not help your child learn better-they need challenge for that. Here at Techno Smart Kids we offer online math classes at different levels. Click here to sign up now.

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