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10 Tips for Your Child to get the Most of out of their Online Summer Camp

Hey parents, the following tips are to make sure your child gets the most fun and learning out of their summer camp.

Picking the Perfect Class
  1. Enroll your child in a camp he or she is interested in. This ensures they will be motivated to learn, have fun, and come to class excited each day.
  2. Check what previous experience is recommended for the class you are planning on enrolling in (can be found in class details). In many cases, it is none, but it is still helpful to check to make sure the class is the perfect fit.
  3. Ask if one of your child’s friends would be interested too. Children often learn better when they already know they have a friend in the class who they can work and collaborate with.

Stay Connected

  1. Check in with your child after every a couple classes. Do this to make sure your child is learning well and enjoying it.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher any questions you may have. Feel free to ask about the class and your child’s progression.

Additional Learning

  1. If your child is willing to do extra activities, ask the instructor for some supplemental activities to reinforce concepts and even to learn new material. 
  2. Once the summer camp is over, continue your child’s learning. Many of the courses have levels that they can do or use free online recourses to continue learning new concepts.

The Right Setup

  1. Download all the necessary software. This will vary for each class but make sure your laptop/computer has what is needed. Information about what is needed can be found in the details section.
  2. Make sure your laptop/computer has a working microphone and camara. This is important so your student can communicate effectively with the instructor and ask questions.
  3. Set up your computer/ laptop in the right place for your child’s learning. Allocate a place with no distractions, has good lighting, etc.

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