Techno Club

Technology is everywhere — from your child’s classroom to their gaming console. For many kids, learning how to use a computer isn’t just a helpful skill, it’s a requirement for success.

Techno Smart Kids conducts Techno Club, an afterschool program, provides a fun way for children to learn and grow their technology skills. Depending on the program and age, children are introduced to software and applications such as Powerpoint, Excel,GIMP, PhotoFilter, Video Editing, Scratch, Word, Publisher and more. Each program has lots of age appropriate hands on exercises and theme-based projects to help them master the skill. These skills and software help the kids to complete educational and fun projects in creative and tech savvy way in school and at home in various digital forms as all these software are either free, open sourced or easily available at home.

New Program  are taught every quarter, hence the kids get to learn new software/application each quarter while building on the skills learned in earlier programs. To register your child  for the Technoclub offered in your child’s school, fill up the Registration form  online and follow the steps.

Levels Offered

Level 1: 2-5 graders

Level 2: Completion of level 1 or in 5th grade with instructor’s permission. (Currently offered only in Creekside Elementary School)


Start TechnoClub in your School:

In order to start TechnoClub in your school please contact us with the day and time you would like to offer the club in your school. All you need to provide us to start the club in your school is space with power outlets, chairs and tables, white board or a projector screen. We bring all the laptops for the students to work in the club.  The parents can register their child directly with Technosmart through online registration or mail. For further details please contact us.