Technology is everywhere — from your child’s classroom to their gaming console. For many kids, learning how to use a computer isn’t just a helpful skill, it’s a requirement for success. Techno Club, an afterschool program, provides a fun way for children to learn and grow their technology skills. Give your child a head start and provide them with the opportunity to be creative, sharpen their imagination and get more tech savvy through Techno Club.

What is Techno Club ?

We conduct technology club as afterschool program in various schools in Greater Seattle area .Depending on the level and age, children are introduced to software and applications such as Power Point, PhotoFilter, GIMP, Video Editing, Word, Paint, Excel, Publisher, PhotoShop, Html and more…

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Why Us ?

•Fun filled hands on exercises to master skills.
•New program every quarter.
•Wide variety of applications taught- from graphic art, animation , video editing to coding
•Individual laptops for each.
•Develops skills like problem-solving, concentration,

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Computer Programs

Techno Club believes in learning through fun, keeping that in mind, our courses are designed to engage students of varying ages and skill set through two levels. Some of the programs are:
Techno Power: Powerpoint
Techno Think: Excel and Word
Techno Image: GIMP, PhotoFilter

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Markus gives this class two thumbs up.Thanks for sending us all his work. It was very impressive.