Computer Programs

Techno Club believes in learning through fun, keeping that in mind, our courses are designed to engage students of varying ages and skill set. We have categorised our courses across different levels. Level 1 is for the beginners at Technoclub, Level 2 is for 2 year in Technoclub or 5th Grader. Each quarter new program is taught.

Level 1 Programs

Techno Power: Paint and Powerpoint: Explore the power of Powerpoint beyond the basics to create amazing animation and multi-level interactive games. In addition, students will create digital art in a graphic program and put it in a digital portfolio.

Techno Image 1: PhotoFiltre. In this program students will learn to usePhotoFiltre,a digital image editing software. Students willcreate a rich gallery of unique and fascinating images using various tools, fun effects andtechniquesand will finally compile aninteractive digital portfolio in Powerpoint.

Techno Think: Word and Excel Excel for Kids?! Yes, the kids will usespreadsheets in an innovative way to create brainteasers. They will also explore various advanced features in Word to edit a storybook to make it ready for publishing.

Techno Commercial:  With Publisher Students promote a cause of their choice by creating postcards, a decorated poster, an informative brochure and send out invitations for the conference using Publisher.

Level 2 Programs

Pre requisites, Successful completion of Level1,or in the 5th grade with instructor’s permission.

 Techno Image II:  Students are introduced  to GIMP, which is an advanced image editing software that is comparable to Photoshop. Students are introduced to advanced techniques of masking, layering, mapping, plugins and much more to achieve amazing effects.

Techno Action: Movie Maker Light! Camera!Action! Students become digital story tellers using a camera and movie maker. They will either modernize and enact a poem or produce a commercial.

Techno Game: Scratch Along with learning the basics of programming, students get engaged in creating their own video games and animated stories using an open source MIT application called Scratch.

Techno Code( Adv): Small Basic For any child that has an avid interest in computers, one of the most magical experiences is when they write their first program. They can do so with our detailed instruction and exercise using Small Basic from Microsoft.

Techno Web( Adv): Html Students play the role of a webmaster and create a unique webpage on any topic of their interest with images, links and much more.

Adult Programs ( Coming Soon)

Computer Basics: Internet browsing, downloading files, emailing, saving files, printing etc.

Image Editing: Gimp or Photoshop.