We have listed down some important points why your child should learn Python in 2020: 

Python is great for beginners:

The first reason Python is worth learning is because it is a great first programming language to learn. Python is a high-level coding language which means the computer has more control over smaller details, which makes it great for those who are just starting coding. It is much more complex than “brick” coding languages such as scratch but simpler than low-level coding languages such as Java and C. Also, it is known for having a simple and English-like syntax which makes it easier for beginners to understand new concepts.

It’s a stepping-stone to advanced programming

Python is a great segue to more complex coding concepts. In Python beginners can learn simple concepts such loops and arrays and as they progress, learn more challenging concepts such as object-oriented programming. Furthermore, a good understanding of Python will make learning other programming languages much easier.


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It’s used extensively in the workplace:

Python is widely used it is in big technology companies such as Microsoft and Google. It was the second most popular programming language in 2019 according to Business Insider. Although Python is great for beginners it does not make it less practical to use in big projects.

In fact, many people who already have jobs at these companies are now learning Python because how easy and effective it is to implement. Another reason it is so popular is because Python is very readable, meaning it is easy to understand and organize the code. Python is used for many new technologies that are changing the world around us such as AI, machine learning, data mining, and other corporate projects. So, learning Python early on can be a great asset later in life.

The Demand for Python is Continually Growing

Python powers plenty of professional applications, is regularly seen as one of the best programming languages and is recognized as the fastest programming language of recent years. If it maintains this rate, it is believed that Python will outpace other coding languages in terms of active use.


Many online resources claim that Python is now one of the most popular coding languages to learn. in the K-12 arena, many educational leaders believe that Python will become the official language of the Computer Science AP Exam (the exam currently uses Java).


Python is also considered the language of choice for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – all areas that are extremely in demand in our current economy. These areas also have immense value in the future of our economy and where technology has been heading, so there is sustainable value in this skill.


Its free and easy to set up:

Python is an open source language meaning it is free to use.

To set up Python on your computer, all you have to do is visit the official site and download the software from:  https://www.python.org/downloads/

 Remember to select the latest release of the software that is compatible with your OS.


There are numerous free IDEs (software used to type, run, and debug code) to choose from.

Python has a huge online community because of how popular it is. There are many forums and websites that will answer questions about your code.

What we Offer:

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