STEM Enrichment Programs
Live Online / In Person / Private 1 on 1

Our recent survey shows that 60% of parents are looking for in-person enrichment classes and 50% of parents are looking for virtual classes. Whatever your preferences might be, Techno Smart Kids has got many after school and weekend STEM programs for your child.


Private lesson available live online for all our programs. The curriculum is customized to the skill level and learning pace of the child and taught by Rockstar teachers from prestigious universities. Schedule is flexible and available for all time zones. Private lessons can be arranged for any other Tech or STEM subjects not listed here.


Instructor led group lesson of max 5 kids offered live online Check all online classes


In person group as well as private lesson offered at our Sammamish location (PLCC). We will soon be offering them at school campus as soon as the schools are ready to offer them (Covid restrictions)

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Small Group Learning with Dedicated Instructor

Techno Smart Kids offers Coding, Math, and other tech classes for students ages 8-16 online either private, custom Pods or in small groups. Our programs range from block-based programming using Scratch to develop fundamental programming concepts and problem-solving skills in our youngest students to industry level languages like Python and Java with structured course sequence, so they move from one level to another. Additional coding courses offered in web programming and game development (HTML, Unity and JavaScript).


Programs Level Start Date End Date Grade Day Fees($)
Scratch Coding - Private lesson Online - 8 weeks All levels
- 13/Sep/2021 31/Aug/2023 2 and up - 320
Chestnut Hill Academy Scratch coding, Fridays
Beginner 31/Mar/2023 26/May/2023 2-5 Friday 399
Discovery Afterschool: Scratch Coding level 2 -Winter Session , Friday
Beg - Inter 20/Jan/2023 07/Apr/2023 2-5 Friday 315
PLCC-Samm: Scratch Coding Intermediate Spring Session: In-Person, Wed 4:15 pm
Intermediate 05/Apr/2023 30/Jun/2023 2-5 Wednesday 280
PLCC - Samm : Intro To Scratch Coding , In Person at Wed 4:15 PM
Beginner 05/Apr/2023 31/May/2023 2-5 Wednesday 280
Grand Ridge Es Afterschool - Scratch Coding 3, Spring Session , Wednesday 1:40 Pm
Intermediate 19/Apr/2023 31/May/2023 2-5 Wednesday 250
Cascade Ridge Afterschool : Scratch Coding Session 3 (Spring) , Monday
Intermediate 17/Apr/2023 05/Jun/2023 2-5 Monday 250
Discovery Afterschool: Scratch Coding Session 3 -Spring, Friday
Intermediate 21/Apr/2023 02/Jun/2023 2-5 Friday 250
Cedar Trail Afterschool : Scratch Coding Session 3 ( Spring) - Friday
Intermediate 21/Apr/2023 02/Jun/2023 2-5 Friday 250
Endeavour Afterschool : Scratch Coding Session 3 - Spring, Thursday
Intermediate 20/Apr/2023 01/Jun/2023 2-5 Thursday 250
Issaquah Valley: Scratch Coding Session 3 ( Spring) , Tuesdays
Intermediate 18/Apr/2023 30/May/2023 2-5 Tuesday 250
Jr. Programmers: Code in Scratch to create games and animation (Grade 2-5) ( June 26-30)
Intermediate 26/Jun/2023 30/Jun/2023 2-5 Mon - Fri 390
Jr. Programmers: Code in Scratch to create games and animation (Grade 2-5) (Aug 14 -18)
Intermediate 14/Aug/2023 18/Aug/2023 2-5 Mon - Fri 390
Creekside Afterschool : Scratch coding level 1, Monday
Beginner 17/Apr/2023 05/Jun/2023 2-5 Monday 250
Intro to Scratch Coding- Summer camp (Aug 7-11) Gr 1-3 @ PLCC
Intro 07/Aug/2023 11/Aug/2023 1-3 Mon - Fri 390
Intro to Scratch Coding- Summer camp JUne 26 - 30) Gr 1-3 @ PLCC
Beginner 26/Jun/2023 30/Jun/2023 1-3 Mon - Fri 390
Summer Camp Online : Scratch coding
Beginner 10/Jul/2023 14/Jul/2023 2-5 Mon - Fri 265

Technical Requirements:

  • Computer: PC or Mac with at least a 2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM is recommended).
  • Internet: Broadband internet with at least 1.2Mbps download and 600Kbps upload speeds.
  • Webcam: Either external or built-in
  • Microphone and Speakers: We recommend headphones with a built-in microphone. But any microphone and speakers will work fine in a quiet room.
  • Software installation: May require installation or download of application on student’s computer prior to camp start date.
  • Instructions will be provided to registered campers ahead of time.
  • Class Platform: MS Teams