What is Techno Club ?


After School Techno Club

Technosmartkids conducts technology club as afterschool program in various schools in Greater Seattle area. Depending on the level  and age, children are introduced to software and applications such as Power Point,  PhotoFilter, GIMP, Video Editing softwares, Word, Paint, Excel, Publisher, PhotoShop, Html and more…. All the program in techno club has lots of age appropriate hands on exercises and theme-based projects to help them master the skill.  New programs are offered each quarter hence the kids get to learn new software/application each quarter while building on the skills learned in earlier programs. These skills and software help the kids to complete educational and fun projects in creative and tech savvy way. The instructors are computer professionals. Children also gain academic enrichment, and develop skills like listening, problem-solving, concentration, communication and presentation.

We also  offer Techno club in private school catering Pre K and K students, where the main focus in on developing mouse skills, computer use and care, parts of computer in a fun and interactive way. The skill are developed by doing fun projects.

Contact us to start Techno Club at your school.